Keynote speakers

Ibrahim Baylan

Sweden´s Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation

Inauguration speaker

"The fact that the Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation inaugurates S.E.E. 2020, shows the importance of a strong meeting place for the Swedish electronics industry that gives strength to the entire Swedish industry”, says Björn Lindforss, project manager S.E.E.

Erik Ekudden

CTO, Ericsson

As CTO, Erik Ekudden is responsible for setting the direction of technology leadership including Ericsson Research for the Ericsson Group.
His experience from working with technology leadership globally will influence the strategic decisions and investments for example in mobility, distributed cloud, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.

Colin Williams

Business Development Executive for IBM, Internet of Things Solutions, IBM Watson IoT

Keynote speaker

Colin is one of IBM´s experts within the focus area of Internet of Things. He is advising world wide organisations & industry forums on how to leverage.

Sophie Charpentier 

PhD, Chalmers Industriteknik

Sophie is involved in everything from business development to project management and works with everything that helps to establish Graphene in the industry - directly with companies, within the SIO Grafen and the European project Graphene Flagship.

Alexander Gerfer

CTO of the Würth Elektronik eiSos Group

Alexander Gerfer has over 30 years of experience in the field of electronic components and is well known for his knowledge and expertise in passive components and circuit design. His expertise, practical design tips and solutions are published in many design seminars and in the technical book "Trilogy of Inductors" (published by Würth Elektronik eiSos).

Thierry Decroix

Head of Hardware Security Assessments,
F-Secure Consulting

Thierry started performing security assessments and penetration testing over 20 years ago. He is currently the Head of hardware security assessments for F-Secure Consulting, and is active to this day as a hands-on hardware security consultant and information security advisor. Member of the global hardware- and transportation teams, his day-to-day focus is on technical assessments and attack research covering embedded systems in anything that flies, floats, drives or might be a confused computer in disguise.

Ola Boström

Vice President of Research, Veoneer

Collaborative (as opposed to Autonomous) Driving build on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Bio: Ola Bostrom, Vice President of Research at Veoneer has 25 years experience from the automotive industry. He joined Veoneer when the company was spun-off from Autoliv. He earned a PhD degree in Theoretical Physics at Chalmers University, Sweden. In 2017, Ola was honored with the US Government Award for Safety Engineering Excellence.

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